How do I contact Lawson Products, Inc. to request materials or to seek investor information on the Company?
You can register to receive emails regarding real-time news headlines, SEC filings and a daily stock quote alert. Navigate to the SEC Filings page to access SEC filings. Investor Relations reports can be obtained by calling the following number, 773.304.5665. Requests via e-mail can be sent to Ron Knutson at
When was Lawson founded?
Lawson Products was founded in 1952.
When was the initial public listing?
Lawson Products went public January 13, 1970.
Who are the Company’s independent auditors?
BDO USA, LLP are the independent auditors for Lawson Products.
When is the Company’s fiscal year end?
Lawson Product’s fiscal year end is Dec 31st as it goes along with the regular calendar year.
How can I contact the IR department at Lawson?
You can contact us by going to the Contact Us page under Investor Resources and filling out the information request form.
Where is the Company’s headquarters?
Lawson Products is headquartered at 8770 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60631.
What is the cusip number?
Lawson Product's CUSIP number is 520776105.
When and where is Lawson Product's annual shareholder meeting?
The 2019 board & committee meetings are all held here at the corporate office:

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Lawson Products Inc
8770 W Bryn Mawr Ave Suite 900
Chicago, IL, 60631
United States
How do I review the current price of my Lawson stock?
Lawson Products is a member of the Nasdaq Global Select Market System. Our symbol "LAWS" is included within the stock quotations of the National Market System table in the Wall Street Journal and also appears every weekday within the business section of most leading newspapers. Also, by navigating to the "stock" section, you can retrieve the most current price {fifteen minute delay}.
How do I get information to see how many shares I own?
For information about your personal Lawson Products stock holdings, please contact or write our transfer agent, Computershare, P.O. Box 43069, Providence, RI 02940-3069 or call 1-800-446-2617.

You also can access your account online at If you have purchased your stock through a broker or brokerage firm, you may wish to consult with that broker or firm regarding your holdings.
How can I obtain information about career opportunities at Lawson, its subsidiaries or divisions?
For information about what it’s like to work at Lawson Products, click here. To view all open positions, click here.
If I know of a business that may be interested in using the products, systems, and services offered by Lawson or any of its subsidiaries, what is the quickest way to get that started?
Please contact our Chicago-based customer service call center at (773) 304-5050. The team will be pleased to connect you to the appropriate person. You can also visit our online catalog at
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